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Private Schooling Can Benefit Your Child

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Child care facilities

As a parent, you are keenly aware of how important education is to your children. As such, there are many reasons why you may be looking for private schooling or trying to find a daycare that can give your child a head start.

There are many good reasons for enrolling your child in an early child care education program. During the first few years of life, your child is capable of absorbing more information at a time than he or she will ever be able to again. By age 3, your child will develop approximately 1,000 trillion connections between the cells in his brain. This is about twice as many as the average adult.

Other good reasons to consider private school or private child care include the fact that studies have shown that children who attend preschool may be 24% more likely to attend a four year coll

What Exactly is Cyber Schooling?

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Roughly 500,000 to 1,000,000 students in the United States are currently enrolled in cyber schooling. Cyber schooling allows students to create their own class schedules around their personal scheduling needs, and is often customizable so students can plan their schedules the way they want. About 31 states in America allow students to enroll in full time cyber schooling.

From 2011 to 2012, the distance learning industry in the United States and Canada grew by roughly 6.52 percent, so cyber schooling is on the rise. Some cyb