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Alternative Schools and Nationwide Graduation Rates: What’s the Connection?

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U.S. schools are reporting impressive growth in graduation rates. According to a U.S. Department of Education report, the 2010-11 school year resulted in a record number of students receiving their diplomas (the highest in the history of the department’s records at the time). Since then, national high school graduation rates increased even more, to 84% between 2015 and 2016. In the 2016-17 school year, roughly 82.3% of Florida students graduated high school, meaning that individual states are reporting immense growth, too. But do those numbers tell the full story?

During the Obama Administration years, educational facilities received support in order to keep at-risk students in the classroom. Alternative high school options, which have been around since the 1970s, were once again highlighted as a way to make it possible for students to receive a diploma. As one of the alternative high school options available to students across the nation, public charter schools have often served as a viable option for students who were more vulnerable to dropping out. High school alternatives like these can be an excellent choice for students who struggle with academics, those who work in less traditional environments, those who have been frequently absent, and others who need a bit of extra encouragement and guidance to achieve their goals. By enrolling in these types of facilities, rather than struggling in their public high school, at-risk students can receive the attention they deserve and the motivation they need to obtain their diplomas.

But while having more alternative high school options can be of great benefit to these students, an increased number of facilities like these can actually skew the graduation rate numbers reported by public schools. In 13 different states, more than half of students who fail to graduate within four years’ time are then enrolled in other schools with high graduation rates. Many of the public schools that look like they’re performing extremely well on paper have a high number of students who do not earn their diplomas within four years. In short, there are numerous public schools who are essentially mislabeling students who earn their diplomas over a longer time period (and eventually through an alternative school) or are finding different ways to not “count” these students in their numbers. This can wrongfully inflate graduation rates for public schools within several states, despite the fact that the number of alternative schools is actually on the rise to accommodate the students who need extra time and attention to avoid dropping out or to receive a diploma after doing so.

That said, there are some public school districts that are allocating resources in order to provide support to the students who need it most (and thereby raise graduation rates authentically). But by and large, the growth of alternative high school options has actually allowed public schools to wrongfully inflate their graduation rates. That’s important for parents and students to note; just because it seems like the vast majority of students within your state are able to achieve their diploma in a conventional environment and on a traditional timeline, that isn’t necessarily true. And even if the numbers don’t reflect it, public school alternatives can make obtaining a diploma a more viable option for countless students. While the quality of high school alternatives will vary quite a bit depending on the state and the facility itself, these options provide a vital lifeline for at-risk students. Whether you were initially on track to graduate or you’ve been struggling in public school for years, these educational centers can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to graduate.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it takes you four years or six years to receive your diploma. What matters is that you’re pursuing it and that you have the resources to achieve your goals. If you or your child experiences hardships connected to public school, we’re here to help. For more information, please contact us today.


What You Should Know About Sending Your Child To Preschool And How It Can Benefit Their Growth

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If you want your child to have the best head start in life, consider enrolling them ina preschool or even just summer camp program. Requirements for preschool are often simply that your child is ready for such an education, and many parents will find that the other requirements for preschool programs are easy to meet. For instance, one of the most popular requirements for preschool program enrollment is that your child be fully vaccinated for their age range. Such requirements for preschool programs will not only help to keep your child safe, but will help ensure the safety of each and every child attending the preschool program in question.

And meeting those requirements for preschool programs will be more than worth doing, as the benefits a preschool program can afford your child are impressive indeed. And the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim. This data shows that children who attend preschool programs have better outcomes later on in life

4 Benefits Your Child Can Gain From Private Nursery School

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Preschool is a crucial part of your child’s early development. In preschool, your child develops social and emotional skills, and they become exposed to numbers, shapes, and letters.

But can your child gain more from a private preschool than they can from a public school? Here are four benefits your child can gain from attending private nursery schools in NYC as opposed to public nursery schools.

  1. Your child receives individual support. Private schools are often able to employ more staff than public schools, which reduces the teacher-to-student ratio. A smaller class size gives your child more individual attention and support during their early years of education. This is important because preschool is your child’s first significant experience being away from home. Having more teachers present gives your child the support they need during this major transition.
  2. You get to be more involved. Private schools have more open communication between parents and the school administration. This means the school makes it a priority to involve parents with the school community. You’ll have more frequent parent-teacher meetings and social events so you’re an integral part of your child’s education.
  3. Your child is in a safe environment. Every school is proactive about keeping your child safe, but private schools have a bigger reputation for maintaining high standards for discipline and respect. What’s more, because of the low staff-to-student ratio, teachers are better able to observe and have more control of school grounds. Private schools have a strong sense of community, which also helps to discourage dangerous behavior. When a child feels their school is safe, it improves their educational development and their rate of success.
  4. Your child receives a strong focus on values. Your child will receive a strong focus on values when they attend a private nursery school because of private schools’ strong sense of community, high standards of discipline, and high standards for respect.

Looking for private nursery schools in NYC?

It’s so secret that nursery schools are an important part of early childhood development. In fact, it’s projected that there will be up to 856,238 daycare in the U.S. by 2021.

If you’re looking for private nursery schools in NYC, this is the place for you and your child. To learn more about our private preschools or to enroll your child, contact us today to ask about our NYC nursery school admissions.

Attending Private School from Nursery School Through High School

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So many private schools are available here in the United States, though the cost of tuition is not always within the means of American families. Almost 31,000 private schools exist, already educating over five million students of all ages. Given the quality of these schools, there is much to see in having as many students as possible attend these schools.

About Private Schools

Most American private schools are affiliated with the church. Given the fact that this is about 80%, the remaining private schools are usually built upon their own association. Tuition paid to the private school throughout preparatory and secondary years can be expensive, there are a lot of benefits to be had in the education that students receive. With smaller class counts there is often better attention and focus in the classroom, as well as reports from teachers that students have better focus and complete better work outside the classroom.

Private Preschool

Choosing a preschool can

More than Just Private Schools There is the Kendall Preschool for The Youngest Students of Florida

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A high-quality private preschool in Florida is the Kendall Preschool that works to provide a comforting and nurturing environment for preschool-aged children in the area. Now, with the existence of about 31,000 private schools throughout the country, there is much to accept from the Kendall Preschool and others that are able to work closely with the needs of young children entering into their school years. Many schools like this, from preschool up into high school, educate over five million students of all ages. Given the quality of these schools, there is much to see in having as many students as possible attend these schools.

About Private Schools

While most private schools in the United States, about 80% or so, are affiliated with the church, there are others of different association. It is important to know that the Kendall Preschool and Kendall Arts School are only an individual location in Florida, while there are still many other private school districts and locati

Summer Fun for Children At Day Care

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Any American child should get a good education, but even in a child’s early years, such as ages three to five, good day care centers, preschools, and summer fun camps can do a lot of good for them. A young boy or girl may be enrolled at a local half day preschool or an academic preschool, or even a day care if that is more appropriate. When parents move to a new area, or when their young son or daughter becomes old enough for preschool, they may look online and also make use of friends and family as reference. Many middle class families and others with a comfortable level of income may find a preschool near them, and an online search such as “how to pick a preschool” may be a fine way to start. How often do American children aged three to five enroll in preschools or day care centers for some summer fun and a rudimentary education?

Who Goes to Preschool For

When Does a School Need to Consider Hiring Outside Education Staffing?

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What do you think a school’s job is? The purpose of a school is to teach a chosen curriculum to children, of course. However, this simple answer doesn’t address the sometimes complicated task of running a school. There are many jobs besides teacher and principal; such as the after school program, the non-instructional positions, and of course substitute teachers. Schools need to be able to focus on their main goal: teaching the children. But to do this effectively, they might need some help in the form of educational staffing.

Teachers make up about half of the employees in the public school system. The remaining number are the other professionals whose job is more of a supporting role to teachers. This includes counselors, nurses, administrators, after school specialists, aides, custodians, and more. All of these positions must be filled according to state laws. For example, the ratio of student to counselor is 250:1, in which a school with 251 students would need to h

3 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Private School

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Many schools throughout the United States are private schools. In fact, research shows that 25% of the nation’s schools are private educational facilities. Considering that, you might be asking yourself where you can find a private elementary school near me? If so, you’re asking yourself a smart question that will likely end up benefiting both you and your child. Here are three important benefits of attending private elementary schools.

  • Smaller Class Sizes

    Research shows that 87% of private schools educate fewer than 300 students. Many parents prefer this type of environment for their respective children. Smaller class sizes help ensure that educators are able to effectively teach each child in their classrooms. In addition, smaller schools often allow children to form closer bonds than in overcrowded public schools.
  • No Tolerance for Bullying

    In recent years, more attention has been placed on the problem of bullying

Why Dental Job Boards Are A Great Resource

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Dental job boards are a great resource for many dentists searching for dental opportunities to further their career. The field of dental services is quite competitive, which causes many professionals to have their worth determined through their credentials and the amount of experience they have in the field. Dental job boards provide dental professionals with dentists’ openings for an array of companies that are in search of the best candidate.

Why Dental Job Boards Are Essential

The concept of producing an extensive list of general dentist jobs for qualified individuals allows an opportunity to be right at their fingertips, and a wide selection to choose from to find a job that meets their criteria and aligns with their personality and lifestyle. Finding a job can be an exciting moment, but it’s always best to land a position that you’re passionate about to

Teaching Spanish to Kids

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Language is an art that can unify people around the globe, but not speaking a language creates a “language barrier” between two people. The good news is that even though many languages and dialects are spoken around the globe today, there are many audio books, classes, and online courses to teach kids and adults alike to speak and understand another language, and some of the most common languages, such as English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, and more are widely studied and spoken as second languages. In particular, Spanish stands as a very popular choice for a second language to learn. Given how it has 387 million native speakers around the world and it is the world’s second most common native language (Mandarin Chinese is first), any child or adult today will unlock many possibilities once they become conversational or fluent in this language, such as in Mexico, South America (aside from Brazil, where Portuguese is spoken), and, of course, Spain. It has also been genera