Teaching Spanish to Kids

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Language is an art that can unify people around the globe, but not speaking a language creates a “language barrier” between two people. The good news is that even though many languages and dialects are spoken around the globe today, there are many audio books, classes, and online courses to teach kids and adults alike to speak and understand another language, and some of the most common languages, such as English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, and more are widely studied and spoken as second languages. In particular, Spanish stands as a very popular choice for a second language to learn. Given how it has 387 million native speakers around the world and it is the world’s second most common native language (Mandarin Chinese is first), any child or adult today will unlock many possibilities once they become conversational or fluent in this language, such as in Mexico, South America (aside from Brazil, where Portuguese is spoken), and, of course, Spain. It has also been genera

Four Reasons Your Child Should Learn Spanish Now

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Spanish story books

Have you ever thought about teaching your young child a second language? If you haven?t, you should, and here?s four reasons why:

  1. The Younger They Start, The Easier It Is For Them: If you ever want your child to be bilingual, the earlier they start the better. Ideally, people should start learning a new language before age 10. If it?s possible to start before age 5, that?s even better. At that point, the brain is growing and making connections at a fantastic rate: the perfect time to capitalize on it with some beginning Spanish curriculum or Continue Reading No Comments