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Should You Enroll Your Child in a Preschool Program the Summer Before Kindergarten?

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Summer’s nearly here, and the time is right for thinking about… School? That’s right! If you’ve got a little one at home heading for kindergarten in the fall, summer is the perfect time to start preparing them for academic and social success.
Whether your child has been enrolled in academic preschool activities for years, attended a more casual daycare program, or only played with the neighborhood kids, the summer just before kindergarten starts is still an excellent time to think about preschool. Academic summer programs can give a child the tools they need for Continue Reading No Comments

Your Baby is No Longer a Baby Here’s What You Need to Consider

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Your baby is no longer a baby; in fact, they are now in the zone known as ?toddler.? Consequently, you may be in the process of making several life changes to reflect this. It may be time, for example, for you to go back to work after spending a few years raising your child. Here?s a few things you should keep in mind for navigating the waters of this transition.

Look for a Job That is Child Friendly

This doesn?t necessarily mean you will need a job that has a playpen next to your desk. Rather, it means that you?ll want to work with an employer that has child friendly policies for parents. If your child gets sick and needs to be picked up from daycare, will you be able to manage? Does your employer have work-from-home options so that on certain days you can be more flexible with your s

Why Children With Autism Often Fare Better at Private Schools

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Did you know that about 1 in 50 children in the U.S. are now diagnosed with autism? It?s no surprise that research into this condition has increased as more and more children were diagnosed. It is difficult to say why, exactly, autism has become so increasingly common in recent years. Many researchers speculate that part of it is simply a larger awareness, and thus a decreased likelihood of misdiagnosis. Others believe it is partially a result of still unknown environmental factors impacting development.

Whatever the reason, it?s important to get children with autism proper assistance sooner rather than later. Development — whether it?s physical or mental — can be positively addressed in the right environment, or sorely hampered in the wrong one. This is one reason why many parents seriously