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Education Quotes Should Make Us Think About Education Itself

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Quotes on education

What is the purpose of a quote on education? Some would argue education quotes should inspire teachers. Others would argue education quotes are meant to highlight social injustice in education. All of these are true. My favorite quotes on education, though, are meta commentaries on education itself, showcasing its shortcomings, and how they can improve.

One of the education quotes I like comes from the late Ray Bradbury. I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library,” said Bradbury, “and it’s better than college. People should educate themselves, you can get a complete education for no money.” Aside the fact that Bradbury forgot his taxes paid for the library, it is interesting to note how Bradbury educated himself. Of course, those drowning in college debt may take this as an argument to skip college, but that is not what Bradbury is saying. Rather, he educated himself, rather than being spoon fed knowledge.

Another of the education quotes comes from essayist and humanist Michel de Montaigne, who said, “I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.” More damning than the education quotes that Bradbury made, this is a warning to teachers. Namely, bad education is worse than none at all.

My favorite of the education quotes of all time comes from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, simply, “Education does not make you smarter.” That education quote, from the novel Cancer Ward, is a theme of the book repeated throughout. Many of the characters are college educated, and a few have PhDs. Some have no education at all. All are dying of cancer in the Soviet Union, or their as political prisoners because they could not survive on their wits. One character, who is an engineer by training, is living in the cancer ward and healthy, but is there to escape the Soviet government, who has falsely accused him.

Education quotes are meant to entertain, enlighten, and make us think. Whatever context educational quotes are said in, they should also make us reflect on education. As the ages advance, let us hope there is more wise commentary with future education quotes.

Find The Best Suffolk Private Schools For Your Children

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Suffolk private schools

If your children are approaching the age where enrollment in school will soon be necessary, it is important to get started researching the school options in your area. While public schools are available for every child, you can also choose to check out Suffolk private schools or independent schools in hampton roads to help you accommodate for the needs of your children. Whether you are interested in private schools in Suffolk that offer religious instruction or private schools in Hampton Roads that specialize in the needs of children with medical issues or learning disabilities, there are multiple ways you can start checking out Suffolk private schools. In fact, some of these methods can be immensely beneficial should you find yourself new to the Suffolk area and curious about the options that the area can offer your children.

One of the best ways to find Suffolk private schools is to speak with another parent, such as a coworker, friend or friend of a friend who chooses to send their children to private or independent school options. When you speak with this individual, you should be sure to ask specific questions, including what led this parent to make their choice of one school out of all of the Suffolk private schools available. This is a great way to find out some crucial information that may not be readily available at other sources, including special considerations when it comes to tuition, additional after school activities or tutoring help, or other benefits for sending your child to this school. You should also be sure to ask about the experience of the child at Suffolk private schools, which is an important factor to choosing any private school.

Should you be unable to find an individual to speak with, you can bring your search for Suffolk private schools to the internet. Conducting an internet search is one of the best ways to find multiple options within your area, and many of these Suffolk private schools operate websites where parents can learn about the offerings at each school. At websites, you can learn about courses of study, faculty information and information about the building and the surrounding grounds to help ensure the safety of your child. Some websites may also offer the option of scheduling a visitation or other meeting appointment online, where you can meet with officials to discuss any questions or concerns.

christian education, an expanding option

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Norfolk private school

Millions of school children in the United States participate in christian education every day. During the past four decades, christian education has taken a prominent role among independent schools, adopting the day school model as opposed to the boarding school approach. And christian education is continuing to expand. christian schools for parents of all income levels have started up all over the country.

Many private schools just focus on elementary education, but the private high school is also growing in popularity as a christian education option. A norfolk private school often provides parents with more control over their childs education. It also gives them a better chance to get involved in school activities and get to know the school staff.

A private day school can also be more flexible when it comes to teaching electives since they do not have the same certification requirements of some states. At their best these schools allow kids to find new avenues for creativity and exploration.

These schools can be financially taxing for a family budget. But in the long run a private day school may be a wise investment. Their size and flexibility allows them to have a curriculum which does not have to treat every student as though he or she is the same as everyone else.

They also offer alternatives to the conventional public school in their curriculum. christian education options offer different emphases than public institutions. Sometimes, they also offer opportunities for parents to receive tax credits or vouchers for education purposes. Also, tuition is frequently tax deductible.

Many christian education schools also offer as many varsity and sport options as do conventional high schools, though school spirit is not always as oriented in this direction. It is for this reason that christian education is becoming a preferable option for so many parents.

Looking For The Best Nursing Schools?

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Top nursing school

If you are looking at colleges for nursing and are wondering which are the best nursing schools or the top nursing schools there are several things you will want to consider. First of all, you might want to take a look at the rankings. Many different organizations rank colleges and schools, such as nursing schools, such as USA Today. These rankings can be an an excellent starting point for finding a reputable, competitive nursing school, allowing you to compare the relative quality of nursing programs based on generally accepted indicators or quality factors such as graduation rates, student retention, and faculty.

It is important to note that while rankings can be a good place to search your search, they are not everything. The best nursing schools for an individual is about much more than rankings; it is about finding a personal fit. Deciding which are the best nursing schools for you is a highly personal and depends on your personal preferences. For example, you will need to consider what size school to attend, do you prefer a very small, close knit school community or would you thrive on a large campus? You will also need to consider the setter. Would you prefer to be in a rural or suburban area or would you like to be in a large city? For example, if you would like to be in a large city you might want to consider nursing schools in chicago or New York. Lastly, you should choose a nursing school that meshes with your particular interests.

Find an inspirational Education Quote

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Quote on education

There are education quotes all over the web. If you want to learn an educational quote, you may want to get on the web and find educational quotes resources. A quote on education can help a teacher get through a stressful day. Some quotes on education remind instructors why they deal with the moody students that they are responsible for educating on a daily basis. A popular education quote can resonate with several instructors at a time when you send out a mass message to your faculty as an administrator. You may also want to post an education quote on the wall at your learning institution if you are an administrator. Every time that a member of your faculty sees that education quote, it will help inspire them if they are having a hard time dealing with being an educator.

Most educators know that they sign up for a very thankless job early on. However, being able to reach just one student is usually reward enough for an instructor at any level of education. From preschool teachers all the way up to doctoral professors, finding inspiration in the craft of education is essential to the job. If you are responsible for overseeing the performance of multiple educators, putting education quotes in your emails and in plain sight throughout a school is a great idea. You can find some of these quotes on education by simply logging on to the web. In fact, there are social media pages dedicated to sharing quotes about education with the followers of the social media pages. Most social media is free to sign up with so that you may create your own account. Once you have an account, you can follow the quotes on education pages that exist.

If you are not an administrator, but rather an instructor, you may want to go looking for quotes about education from time to time. It is possible to find a quote that you heard what you were going through college or grad school on your way to becoming an instructor. When you hear quote to remind you of the professors that inspired you, it may help you get the charge that you need to stick with the work. Learn more about inspiring educators by finding local support groups for these noble professionals and connect with teachers and professors as often as you can to remind educators how important they are.

Open Your Mind, Heart, and Book to Find God

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Encouragement during difficult times

Photographs and words can serve us well and, sometimes, pull us out of the gutter. Finding faith and inspiration through poetry, writings, photographs, and any other medium is common enough that there are websites, books, and even college level courses designed around the notion that finding God in your life can happen at any point as a result of anything. If you are interested in or are having trouble finding faith in God, open up a book about finding faith and let your mind, body, and spirit wander.

Depending on how much encouragement during difficult times a person receives, finding faith could be the direct result of somebody simply taking the time out of their own day to show some compassion. It is important for the discouraged to also keep their mind and eyes open to new things, new experiences, and new challenges. One thing to remember during these times is that finding faith may not always mean the person in search of faith or God is in a desolate situation.

Uplifting poetry is another strong asset to have on the quest in finding faith. Reading what others feel, believe, and write about faith, god, and the spiritual aspects of life can have an intoxicating affect on us. That intoxication is the release of the thought you have not found faith. For example, the hairs that stand up on your neck after reading an inspirational poem or hearing a motivational speech is the reaction the body has as a result of allowing the mind to find faith, so to speak, and let go of the preconceived notion that faith does not exist.

Finding faith is easy if you are willing to stop thinking you have to find it. Faith will find you if you want it to. Who knows? It might be right inside that book with the ugly cover.

Child Care Providers Popping Up On Every Corner

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Daycare centers

It can be hard to find good day care these days but the battle is ending soon. With the abundance of working parents, especially in such a down economic period, child care is at a premium. Day care providers used to be a neighbor or relative, usually in their teens, who could watch the kids as you took your husband or wife out on the town. With today’s pressing need for quality, affordable daycare though, it is becoming a booming business.

It is important to research, read reviews, and contact potential daycare centers you feel are good candidates and address any questions or concerns you might have. Does this day care have any certifications? Are there any incidents in the recent past you should know about? Do they stay open later than normal working hours in case you get roped into a last minute meeting? These are all questions that a good daycare should be able to provide without hesitation. After all, this is your child, and you want the best for your son or daughter.

There are many ways to find a quality day care, too. If you have friends with kids, or even coworkers, ask them about what they do or who they use. You might be leaning towards a nice day care with all the amenities that costs twice what you want to spend. A friend could know of a local day care that is affordable and still meets all the requirements you have for your child. A great way to determine a good place to start would be to do an internet search in your area and look for any potential red flags or, adversely, if there are any raving reviews of a place you might not know about.

The real thing to keep in mind when considering day care is your child. Don’t try to save a few bucks if it means subjecting your child to second tier day care. You can justify spending the extra money if it means your child will be cared for and, most of all, safe.

Excellent Tutoring Services

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Math tutor in va

There are certain subject areas in school that give students some problems. These vary by the individual, but can be mended quite easily by enlisting one of the professional tutoring services in your particular area. Anyone that is struggling to grasp a particular subject or wants to get quality studying in for a placement exam of sorts is recommended to explore the various Northern Virginia tutoring services available. Math is one particular subject that sees more struggle than the rest and anyone having issues can get up to speed by hiring a personal math tutor in VA. There are tutors available for children and adults of all ages giving everyone the opportunity to better understand whatever they are attempting to learn.

Before enlisting just one Virginia tutoring service, it is encouraged that you spend some time researching all your options. This will give you the greatest likelihood of finding picking out one of the best tutoring services that you can. The tutors themselves are highly trained and very well educated individuals that remain patient even when things get stressful. This is all relevant when trying to teach another human being as emotions that run high will deter the mind from focusing on the work that is the ultimate goal. Researching which tutors are amongst the top can be done by reviewing past student reviews on the internet as these will show how easy it was for others to get a grasp on what they were having problems with.

Addicts can find strength in peer support

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Addiction counseling training

When you are beginning to learn something new or just starting out, coaches are there to help and guide. In some cases, coaches offer you protection and support. People look to coaches as someone with whom the individual can be honest and not be judged or discriminated against as they learn.
Recovery coaching applies those same principles and is a form of strengths based support for persons with addictions or in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors.
Sometimes, the best recovery coaches are peers. Peer support mental health is defined by the fact that people who have like experiences can better relate and consequently, empathize with and validate a person’s feelings. It is not uncommon for people with similar life experiences, or have been through substance abuse training to offer practical advice and suggestions for strategies that professionals may not offer or even know about. The non professional vantage point of peer support mental health is crucial in helping people rebuild their sense of self and community when have been disconnected.
Peer support mental health workers and those with recovery coach certification can help those living with both active and past addictions. Through addiction courses, coaches are helpful for addicts who are making life decisions. Recovery coaches help clients find ways to abstain from their addictive behaviors, or reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors. Peer support mental health coaches can help an addict find resources for harm reduction, treatment and detox, family support and education, local or online support groups, or help a client build a personal change plan to help themselves.
Peer support mental health coaches do not diagnose or offer primary treatment for addiction and are not associated with any particular method of recovery. What they do offer is positive change, helping persons coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, or work on life goals not related to addiction such as relationships, work, education and more. This type of coaching is meant to improve the present life of those with an addiction to help them reach future goals.
Peer support mental health coaches are there to help but not heal all wounds. This peer specialist training offers a non clinical, non licensed support and is not to be used as a way to treat addiction or mental health issues. With that said, however, those in need of an ear, who are looking to find some guidance from those who have perhaps been there before, will find peer support mental health coaches some of the best people to talk to.

Save On Honor Society Cords

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Graduation honor cords

Graduation cords are part of a tradition in this country. Putting graduation honor cords around the shoulders of a recent graduate sets them apart from the people that just barely managed to get through school. If you want to make sure that you have enough high school honor cords for the students that have earned them, you may want to order honor cords for graduation in bulk. Ordering National honor society cords in bulk will help you save on the cost of your honor society cords. Saving on the cost of honor society cords will help you save money in the budget for graduation items such as class rings, diplomas that are easy to hang up and more.

This is why one of the best ideas that you can have when it comes to shopping for honor society cords is to order hundreds of them at a time. When you order hundreds of honor society cords at once, you will save on the per unit cost of your cords. You can then supply these cords to the honors students graduating with them around their shoulders at a lower cost. If you are the principal of a school that has a lot of honor students, be sure to check on the web for honor cords before you place your order. This may help you save a lot of money on the cords that you wish to provide to students that have earned such honors.

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