Special education

Every year there are parents who discover that their beloved child or children have developed a learning disability. While the testing to find out if kids have learning disabilities is important, whats even more important is what the parents decide to do after. Picking the right school for your child is difficult, to begin with, but if you find out that your child has a learning disability it becomes even more difficult for many reasons. Here is how you can find the perfect schools for students with learning disabilities.

There are private autism schools, private Aspergers schools, and schools that contain special education program. Schools for students with learning disabilities have grown over the past couple of years to meet the demands of parents who want their children to grow regardless of their learning disabilities. As a matter of fact, since the first Special Education law was created and implemented in the year of 1977, the total number of children and students served increased by about 81%.

Right now in the United States, there are 33,619 private schools that serve around 5.4 million pre-schools through 12th-grade students. Private school’s also account for 25% of the nation’s schools and also enroll 10% of all preschool through 12th-grade students. Most of these private schools are quite small, which includes the fact that 87% have fewer than 300 students. This will benefit your child for many reasons, which will be listed below.

Schools for students with learning disabilities will be better if they are small so that the teachers will be able to have fewer students, thus allowing the teacher to focus more time on your child with a learning disability. Only 12-26% of all high school students with a learning disability got average or above-average grades/scores on math and reading assessments. Among students without LD, the rate is 50%.

Up to one-third of all parents who have a child with learning disabilities do not feel prepared to take on the challenge of said learning disabilities. 45% of parents of children with learning disabilities say that their child has been bullied in school. 66% of parents of children with learning disabilities believe also that children with these disabilities are more likely to be bullied as opposed to other children. Find schools for students with learning disabilities and they will be able to carefully watch over your child to keep them safe at school.

Out of all parents of children with learning disabilities, 37% say their kid’s school does not effectively test students for any learning disabilities. 33% of all children with learning disabilities have been held back a grade, and 50% were suspended or expelled from their school in the year of 2011. 79% of all Americans believe that children can learn in different ways. 96% of all parents also think that kids can make up for having learning disabilities by receiving proper teaching.

In conclusion, it is really important you properly test your child for learning disabilities so you can find schools for students with learning disabilities if you need to. While only 10 percent of students with LD enroll in a four-year college program within two years of graduating (compared to 28 percent of the general population), 2004?s Individuals with Disabilities Education and Improvement Act (IDEA) specifically requires that students be prepared, as much as possible, during early schooling, for further continuing education and independent living. Schools for students with learning disabilities will help your child if they have a learning disability.

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