When Does a School Need to Consider Hiring Outside Education Staffing?

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What do you think a school’s job is? The purpose of a school is to teach a chosen curriculum to children, of course. However, this simple answer doesn’t address the sometimes complicated task of running a school. There are many jobs besides teacher and principal; such as the after school program, the non-instructional positions, and of course substitute teachers. Schools need to be able to focus on their main goal: teaching the children. But to do this effectively, they might need some help in the form of educational staffing.

Teachers make up about half of the employees in the public school system. The remaining number are the other professionals whose job is more of a supporting role to teachers. This includes counselors, nurses, administrators, after school specialists, aides, custodians, and more. All of these positions must be filled according to state laws. For example, the ratio of student to counselor is 250:1, in which a school with 251 students would need to h