What do you think a school’s job is? The purpose of a school is to teach a chosen curriculum to children, of course. However, this simple answer doesn’t address the sometimes complicated task of running a school. There are many jobs besides teacher and principal; such as the after school program, the non-instructional positions, and of course substitute teachers. Schools need to be able to focus on their main goal: teaching the children. But to do this effectively, they might need some help in the form of educational staffing.

Teachers make up about half of the employees in the public school system. The remaining number are the other professionals whose job is more of a supporting role to teachers. This includes counselors, nurses, administrators, after school specialists, aides, custodians, and more. All of these positions must be filled according to state laws. For example, the ratio of student to counselor is 250:1, in which a school with 251 students would need to hire an additional counselor. Here is how educational staffing can help the average school meet demands.

Fulfilling After School Staffing Needs.

Any company knows that an open position takes time to fill. There’s putting up a job posting, reviewing resumes, interviews, and in the case of schools extensive screening and background checks. Unlike an open position for a teacher, filling the position of after school specialist is a little different. This is because after school specialists interact with the children in a different way than their teachers will. An educational staffing service can refine the process and present the most qualified candidates for an interview.

Don’t Forget About the Non-instructional Staff.

There’s a certain amount of invisible work completed at schools. It can be easy to forget that there are many people hard at work keeping the school running. These people are the custodians, the health nurses, the clerical staff, etcetera. The general hiring process can be time-consuming. Finding qualified applicants with relevant experience can at times be challenging, which is why educational staffing solutions can be of assistance.

Relying on a Substitute Teacher Can Be a Stressful Experience For Some Teachers.

Schools need a comprehensive solution to the unexpected events of life. This could be as small as a bad head cold or a well-planned maternity leave. Sometimes, or often, a teacher will need to step away from their role. This scenario requires a great substitute teacher to step in. A good substitute will help the classroom maintain their focus and momentum. Best of all, the teacher knowns each detail will be properly seen to in their absence. Educational staffing provides a certain peace of mind.

A school’s primary objective is to teach children. Yet, it takes many different people performing well within their roles to make a school. When a school uses a respected educational staffing company, it allows them to spend more time on student needs, not setting up interviews.

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