3 Ways to use educational quotes to develop your child

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Education quote

Quotes on education are great tools to parents and educators. A simple educational quote can be enough to inspire or to serve as a guide for any student to overcome all the challenges children face in school and in completing their education. An educational quote can be like a mantra that a student can repeat over and over again just to keep going despite the challenges. One short quote on education can even remind how important education is and why one should strive to finish school and to learn as much as one can. Here are examples of how you can use education quotes as an educational tool, motivational tool and inspirational tool.

First, you can use educational quotes for basic English, literature and grammar lessons. Regardless of how young or old your child is, it is never too early or too late to introduce them into understanding literary quotes. This will develop their comprehension skills. This will also help them develop deeper understanding about things in life in the way reading literature does. You may find this highly unusual but the truth is, educational quotes are not at all that different from the great quotes in films. You can even find these similar quotes on cartoons your kids regularly watch. You can therefore use educational quotes to teach your kids about values in life, aside from the values of education. And if your child is a little bit older, you can use the educational quotes to teach him grammar. For example, in his homework, you can use educational quotes as examples for review. You can do this, whether you are a parent or a teacher.

Second, educational quotes can be tools of motivation. In this, you can actually find great educational quotes from books, from direct quotes from different people, from movies and other literary works. What you have to remember here is that motivation is a form of encouragement. It is therefore best to find educational quotes that are appropriate for your kids and for the given situation. As such, you should take time to find educational quotes that would motivate your child further. For example, if your child is having difficulty with a particular subject, you can find a quote that would encourage him to work harder and not to give up. You can share this with him and repeat it whenever he is discouraged.

Lastly you can use the educational quotes to inspire your child. What you can do is to simply find an inspirational quote on education and find ways to share them to your child. You may not have to find several quotes to share every day. For example, you can find a book with a great quote and ask your child to read it. Later you can both discuss the quote and find another similar quote from the book or from other sources.

Don’t Take Education For Granted

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Educational quotes

When you are reading through educational quotes you will probably get the feeling that education is important and taken for granted in the United States. Kids often complain about having to get up and go to school everyday but they have weekends off. Five days a week might feel like everyday for kids from the United States but there are other countries that find our education system to be a joke.

When you are reading through quotes on education you might notice that a lot of the people quoted when speaking about education have put their heart and soul into learning. These are the people that fully appreciate the meaning of an education. Being educated, anywhere in the world, gives the person an immediate advantage because of how many people there are without an education. When you read through educational quotes, look up some of the people that said them.

There are people in the world that read educational quotes and they are not familiar with the feeling of valuing an education. When they are reading through education quotes, there might be a day where they finally appreciate the value. It would have to be from a particularly profound educational quote.

There are people in the world that are dying to learn and go to school. Countries of children in certain areas might not ever see a classroom. By reading a quote on education, you might learn to appreciate the gift you have been given.

If you speak to someone who has moved to the United States from another country without an education and received one while they lived here, they might be able to tell you some stories. Getting an education in this country is definitely better than going to a lot of other countries. The literacy rate for the United States is about ninety percent. By reading educational quotes, people might actually appreciate the ability to have an education.

Three Ways Quotes On Education Serve To Inspire

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Education quote

Throughout time, quotes on education have served to inspire. They have been meant by the people who have said them to encourage kids to read and to enjoy learning, to inspire educators to succeed well beyond where they thought they would, and to inspire institutions to do more for today’s youth as well. In other words, quotes on education have been the main source of igniting the fire in those educating and those being educated.

These quotes on education inspire youth through encouraging them to want to succeed and do better in life. These education quotes do not directly say that without an education someone cannot accomplish anything in life, but they have been known to twist around these words to say that with an education, anything is possible. This positive affirmation is sometimes just the kick in the pants someone needs to go back to school or just the thing that a struggling student needs to overcome a particular challenge and keep going.

These quotes on education also serve to inspire educators. Look along the walls of any school or any teacher’s classroom today, and there is bound to be at least one inspiring educational quote in there. It could come from Gandhi, who was well revered for his education focused outlook on life; it could be from a poet or an author; or it could be derived from ancient times, when education was less formal but still quite vital for societies to succeed.

These quotes on education also inspire today’s educational system to do more for students. Through educational quotes that either line the wall or that are sent via affirmations in other ways, from targeted email messages to a daily quote on education that is delivered to a person’s inbox or smart phone, an administrator can quickly remember why she got into education in the first place. And the big decision makers at the top of the institutional food chain can be reminded as well through an education quote to show them accountability and to remind them why they are there too.

Of course, quotes on education can inspire even those outside of the education sector too, from those in manufacturing and industry to professionals in business. These quotes are meant to inspire and remind people about the important role education plays in creating talented workforces. It also serves to remind people of the brain’s sheer power and its capacity for change.

Three Ways An Education Quote Can Inspire People

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Education quote

Ever since education become a formal way of learning, education quotes have had a significant impact on daily life for people across the globe. For some, educational quotes have served as reminders of the importance that education has on the greater good. For others, quotes on education serve as inspiration for others who aspire to be educators themselves.

For people who need such a reminder that education is important, an education quote posted in a doorway, above an office desk, or on a refrigerator can help push that person to achieve more and do more with his or her education and career. Such an educational quote serves to consistently inspire that type of person to keep going to school, to keep striving for a better education, and to keep moving on with further educational pursuits. For example, a person trying to obtain a masters degree in business administration (MBA) may use an education quote to keep a positive attitude to keep attending classes while still maintaining a full time position or caring for a young family. For someone with a high school diploma but no college degree, an education quote could serve to continually inspire that person to keep going to night classes and obtain that education that was so elusive or even impossible at a younger age.

For people who are interested in educating others, an education quote can be the spark that is needed to keep striving toward an education degree. A quote on education, no matter how significant or insignificant it is, could have a real impact for an aspiring educator to continue doing what she is doing until she earns her dream job. This sort of reminder helps to inspire her in different ways. She could read the education quote every time she feels knocked down by a missed opportunity or an interview that did not go well. But by reading that quote, she will be reminded that there will always be opportunities to educate others and that these chances will keep coming up for her.

An inspiring education quote also serves the classroom environment quite well, and many educators today post these quotes around the classroom to motivate their students. These teachers may need their own form of inspiration, or they may want to remind their students of the importance that education has and will have in their lives. These quotes, therefore, serve dual purposes.

A reminder from Francis Bacon

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Quote on education

When it comes to educational quotes, a good source would be Of Studies by Francis Bacon. The essay is simply line after line of quotes on education. Bacon begun with the lines, Studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability. Their chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgment, and disposition of business. This education quotes sum up the value and meaning of education. The essay was written in 1625 but they are as applicable today as they were before. And yet many of us do not have the appreciation and understanding of the value of education or studies as what Bacon stated. In fact, many of us must be reminded through essays or educational quotes to fully appreciate the value of education. An even when we are reminded, after we have read an education quote, we immediately forget about them in minutes. It is good therefore to reflect upon Of Studies by Francis Bacon especially during these times when the value of education is nothing more than to have a stable job in the future. Education is much much more than insurance.

Taking the first educational quote from the essay, we can see that scholars over the years have similar sentiments and have the even given written similar educational quotes. There are in fact several educational quotes stating that education or knowledge is for delight. There is by Jacques Barzun who stated that, The test and use of man’s education is that he finds pleasure in the exercise of the mind. Then there is, For all knowledge and wonder, which is the seed of knowledge, is an impression of pleasure in itself by Francis the Viscount St Albans. These educational quotes remind us that gaining knowledge should be pleasurable, something that man should enjoy. And yet when we attend school or go to college, the pleasure of gaining knowledge is the last thing on our mind.

Bacon also reminds us in his quote on education that studies or education serve for ornament and ability. Half of this quote on education is what we are very familiar with and what our generation today subscribe to. Studies is for ornament. This quote on education is very applicable today. Many of us go to college to have the right degree and credentials so that we can have good high paying jobs. As for our ability we only hope that we indeed gain enough ability to be the best and yet we do not really strive to learn as much in the course of our schooling. Let us keep these in mind as we attend college or send our kids to one. Finally let us not forget this very important quote on education by Malcolm X, And just because you have colleges and universities doesn’t mean you have education.

The Value of Inspirational Quotes in the Classroom

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Educational quotes

Philosophies and arguments often use logic in an attempt to capture a truth. Inspirational sayings cut through the fog and point at the truth, so you can see it for yourself. Quotes are a great way to connect with someone else who may have been experiencing something similar to you. Whether you seek quotes about inner strength, values, or education quotes, there is something out there for everyone.

The educational process has been the subject of much comment by academics and writers. Their observations range from praise to cynicism, mostly the latter. It should be noted that so many people who have made their mark in the world of ideas, who have been acknowledged leaders and innovators, have held formal education.

If you are someone working within the educational system, you are well aware of the fact that sometimes, finding inspiration that students can relate to can often be a difficult task. If you are looking for a new way to inspire your students, you may want to try using educational quotes.

While this does not necessarily mean you should use quotes on education in every day speech, there are ways to incorporate quotes into the daily lives of your students without directly spurting out your favorite education quote at the start of each class.

There are several great forums and websites inspired by the educational quote, where you can select your favorites. If you are looking for ideas on how to incorporate them, try hanging them around the room, or putting them at the tops of assignments or exams. While students may simply skim by your favorite quote on education, they will resonate with students more than their 7th grade math teacher would.

Whether you choose to use an educational quote, or one about following their dreams, often times quotes can be just the pick me up students may need. Educational quotes can help students to stay on track, or at least pick them up before the bell rings. If you are looking for some quotes to use, there are several great online websites and forums you can choose from.

Quotes On Education Show Us Why Learning Matters

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Educational quote

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As someone who had first hand experience with changing the world around him, and the impact that education can have on an entire nation, Mr. Mandela was contributing one to a growing list of great education quotes that can help to illustrate the importance of learning and why it matters today. Reading and using quotes on education help to frame the world of knowledge in a way that makes sense to us, or illustrates properties of education that we may not have otherwise considered. “The world is a book,” wrote Augustine of Hippo, “and those who do not travel read only one page.” We owe much to these quotes on education because they have preserved the knowledge of great thinkers and great teachers throughout history so that we can enjoy the essence of their brilliance in a small, encapsulated group of words.

Walter Cronkite was quoted as saying, “Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” Educational quote collections can provide you with some of the best and brightest words on the subject of education, and what it meant in their time and in our own. Some educational quotes can come from figures who were controversial in their time, such as “Intelligence plus character; that is the goal of true education,” which was spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. Other quotes on education come from established authors, known for their work and how it expanded our imaginations, such as when C.S. Lewis said, “The mask of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”

What Mr. King and Mr. Lewis share in common is their ability to understand the importance of education, and supply great quotes on education that we can take to heart today. A quote on education is a short, but nevertheless revelatory piece of speech or text that we could all learn from, such as when Robert Frost said, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” Reading quotes on education can open our minds to new ways to educate others, and new ways in which we can educate ourselves, such as this education quote from beloved author Mark Twain; “I will never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Is There a Cynical Quote on Education? Actually, There Is

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Quotes on education

Many feel education pays off less than it used to. College Board and the Brookings Institute tell us that educational attainment is still the best predictor of income. That said, it sure does not feel there is a correlation for the millions of unemployed graduates, or those with a masters degrees who is overqualified for every job. Add that to the fact that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg made billions of dollars, and some cynical education quotes can develop. In fact, quite a few people have a quote on education as being counterproductive.

A modern quote on education in this vein comes from Peter Thiel. A cofounder of PayPal and venture capitalist, Thiel was the first outside investor for Facebook. “Had the people who started Facebook decided to stay at Harvard,” said Thiel “they would not have been able to build the company, and by the time they graduated in 2006, that window probably would have come and gone.”

The quote on education Thiel posited was one that said college stiffles innovation. Thiel has started the Founders Fund, which gives scholarships to those with business ideas who want to drop out of college. As such, his thinking reveals deep anti college and anti education strains.

Going back earlier, Frank Zappa also had an anti college quote on education. “If you want to get laid, go to college,” said Zappa. “If you want an education, go to the library.” Such disdain for college this quote on education shows also wrapped in the belief that education occurs outside the classroom, and is ultimately done on self initiative.

Of course, many thinkers had a quote on education that railed against institutionalized learning. Many also had a quote on education that was for it. Whether for or against, these educational quotes reveal there is still a debate about the role education plays in our society. So long as there are quotes on education out there, we can expect to have a vigorous debate going forward.

Education Quotes Should Make Us Think About Education Itself

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Quotes on education

What is the purpose of a quote on education? Some would argue education quotes should inspire teachers. Others would argue education quotes are meant to highlight social injustice in education. All of these are true. My favorite quotes on education, though, are meta commentaries on education itself, showcasing its shortcomings, and how they can improve.

One of the education quotes I like comes from the late Ray Bradbury. I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library,” said Bradbury, “and it’s better than college. People should educate themselves, you can get a complete education for no money.” Aside the fact that Bradbury forgot his taxes paid for the library, it is interesting to note how Bradbury educated himself. Of course, those drowning in college debt may take this as an argument to skip college, but that is not what Bradbury is saying. Rather, he educated himself, rather than being spoon fed knowledge.

Another of the education quotes comes from essayist and humanist Michel de Montaigne, who said, “I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.” More damning than the education quotes that Bradbury made, this is a warning to teachers. Namely, bad education is worse than none at all.

My favorite of the education quotes of all time comes from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, simply, “Education does not make you smarter.” That education quote, from the novel Cancer Ward, is a theme of the book repeated throughout. Many of the characters are college educated, and a few have PhDs. Some have no education at all. All are dying of cancer in the Soviet Union, or their as political prisoners because they could not survive on their wits. One character, who is an engineer by training, is living in the cancer ward and healthy, but is there to escape the Soviet government, who has falsely accused him.

Education quotes are meant to entertain, enlighten, and make us think. Whatever context educational quotes are said in, they should also make us reflect on education. As the ages advance, let us hope there is more wise commentary with future education quotes.

Find an inspirational Education Quote

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Quote on education

There are education quotes all over the web. If you want to learn an educational quote, you may want to get on the web and find educational quotes resources. A quote on education can help a teacher get through a stressful day. Some quotes on education remind instructors why they deal with the moody students that they are responsible for educating on a daily basis. A popular education quote can resonate with several instructors at a time when you send out a mass message to your faculty as an administrator. You may also want to post an education quote on the wall at your learning institution if you are an administrator. Every time that a member of your faculty sees that education quote, it will help inspire them if they are having a hard time dealing with being an educator.

Most educators know that they sign up for a very thankless job early on. However, being able to reach just one student is usually reward enough for an instructor at any level of education. From preschool teachers all the way up to doctoral professors, finding inspiration in the craft of education is essential to the job. If you are responsible for overseeing the performance of multiple educators, putting education quotes in your emails and in plain sight throughout a school is a great idea. You can find some of these quotes on education by simply logging on to the web. In fact, there are social media pages dedicated to sharing quotes about education with the followers of the social media pages. Most social media is free to sign up with so that you may create your own account. Once you have an account, you can follow the quotes on education pages that exist.

If you are not an administrator, but rather an instructor, you may want to go looking for quotes about education from time to time. It is possible to find a quote that you heard what you were going through college or grad school on your way to becoming an instructor. When you hear quote to remind you of the professors that inspired you, it may help you get the charge that you need to stick with the work. Learn more about inspiring educators by finding local support groups for these noble professionals and connect with teachers and professors as often as you can to remind educators how important they are.