Education quote

Throughout time, quotes on education have served to inspire. They have been meant by the people who have said them to encourage kids to read and to enjoy learning, to inspire educators to succeed well beyond where they thought they would, and to inspire institutions to do more for today’s youth as well. In other words, quotes on education have been the main source of igniting the fire in those educating and those being educated.

These quotes on education inspire youth through encouraging them to want to succeed and do better in life. These education quotes do not directly say that without an education someone cannot accomplish anything in life, but they have been known to twist around these words to say that with an education, anything is possible. This positive affirmation is sometimes just the kick in the pants someone needs to go back to school or just the thing that a struggling student needs to overcome a particular challenge and keep going.

These quotes on education also serve to inspire educators. Look along the walls of any school or any teacher’s classroom today, and there is bound to be at least one inspiring educational quote in there. It could come from Gandhi, who was well revered for his education focused outlook on life; it could be from a poet or an author; or it could be derived from ancient times, when education was less formal but still quite vital for societies to succeed.

These quotes on education also inspire today’s educational system to do more for students. Through educational quotes that either line the wall or that are sent via affirmations in other ways, from targeted email messages to a daily quote on education that is delivered to a person’s inbox or smart phone, an administrator can quickly remember why she got into education in the first place. And the big decision makers at the top of the institutional food chain can be reminded as well through an education quote to show them accountability and to remind them why they are there too.

Of course, quotes on education can inspire even those outside of the education sector too, from those in manufacturing and industry to professionals in business. These quotes are meant to inspire and remind people about the important role education plays in creating talented workforces. It also serves to remind people of the brain’s sheer power and its capacity for change.

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