Are Your Children Studying a Foreign Language at the Youngest of Ages?

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The Spanish curriculum for elementary schools can vary from one district to the next, so if you want to make sure that your child is getting the foreign language head start that will help them success later in life you need to check the details. At one end of the spectrum, if you are lucky you will find schools that operate as Spanish immersion locations. Math, science, and even music are taught in Spanish and students have the opportunity to learn this versatile foreign language while at the same time learning other important academic topics. Other districts, unfortunately, do not offer any foreign language in their classroom, and students do not have a chance to practice these skills until middle school.
When research shows that a child’s sensitive period for learning is foreign language is when they are very young, parents who want to make sure that their children can speak two languages look for school settings that offer Spanish curriculum for elementary schools. No method is

The 5 Benefits of Teaching Your Child Spanish

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Spanish storybook set

The United States is unique in a lot of ways. For most of the world, teaching children to speak a second language is second nature. It has been reported that at least two thirds of the children on the planet are bilingual, according to the Summer Institute of Linguistics. The United States lags behind. While preschool Spanish lessons are readily available, only 17% of the American population speaks a second language beyond English.

Experts have known for years that young children pick up on languages a lot easier and faster than older children, adolescents and adults. Not only has it been proven that younger children, if you can start your child learning Spanish before the age of five it works best, can learn a second language more quickly but it also has been proven that when a child learns a