Preschool is a crucial part of your child’s early development. In preschool, your child develops social and emotional skills, and they become exposed to numbers, shapes, and letters.

But can your child gain more from a private preschool than they can from a public school? Here are four benefits your child can gain from attending private nursery schools in NYC as opposed to public nursery schools.

  1. Your child receives individual support. Private schools are often able to employ more staff than public schools, which reduces the teacher-to-student ratio. A smaller class size gives your child more individual attention and support during their early years of education. This is important because preschool is your child’s first significant experience being away from home. Having more teachers present gives your child the support they need during this major transition.
  2. You get to be more involved. Private schools have more open communication between parents and the school administration. This means the school makes it a priority to involve parents with the school community. You’ll have more frequent parent-teacher meetings and social events so you’re an integral part of your child’s education.
  3. Your child is in a safe environment. Every school is proactive about keeping your child safe, but private schools have a bigger reputation for maintaining high standards for discipline and respect. What’s more, because of the low staff-to-student ratio, teachers are better able to observe and have more control of school grounds. Private schools have a strong sense of community, which also helps to discourage dangerous behavior. When a child feels their school is safe, it improves their educational development and their rate of success.
  4. Your child receives a strong focus on values. Your child will receive a strong focus on values when they attend a private nursery school because of private schools’ strong sense of community, high standards of discipline, and high standards for respect.

Looking for private nursery schools in NYC?

It’s so secret that nursery schools are an important part of early childhood development. In fact, it’s projected that there will be up to 856,238 daycare in the U.S. by 2021.

If you’re looking for private nursery schools in NYC, this is the place for you and your child. To learn more about our private preschools or to enroll your child, contact us today to ask about our NYC nursery school admissions.

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