Are you in love with porcelain and ceramic tiles and want to know more about how they are made and what process is involved in getting the beautiful square pieces you use in your home? There is a lot to know about the process that can help you understand why this material costs what it does and why it has the properties that have made it so popular in a range of home renovation and construction projects for decades. In this YouTube video, you will go on a tour of the Marazzi tile factory in Texas and see how industrial porcelain tile is made.

The video walks you through the process step by step and explains what happens along the way. From a vat of unappealing looking mud to beautifully finished tiles, it is an amazing process.

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You will have a better understanding of tile work and manufacturing as well as a greater appreciation for what goes into the industrial porcelain tiles that you have in your home. So check out the video today and get started!.

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