You want to go back to school. You’re not making enough money in your current job or you’ve discovered you might have the skill and foresight to monetize a hobby. Student loans, the commute and your busy schedule, however, are getting in the way of your dream.

Consider investing in home study courses. Designed to be a more flexible and affordable option for a wide variety of people, online learning is fast replacing conventional methods of learning to make way for the future. Online history courses, online lectures and IT home courses are just a few of the options you can dip into as you figure out this next path in your life. Still unsure? Take a few minutes to learn about the benefits of studying at home and how it can finally help you realize your new goals in real time.

Here are five things you should know about online learning and how it can supplement your education or help you get started.

Online Courses Are Becoming The Go-To Option

More and more people are starting to see the benefits of studying online. With tuition only getting higher and student loans one of the leading causes of debt in the country, it literally pays to forgo traditional methods and try a few home courses. Studies have shown over 30% of higher education students are now taking at least one online course, if not several. Students enjoy studying online because it gives them the ability to decide their own hours, manage their studies more closely and avoid the commute.

You Can Start Generating More Income

Are you trying to make a little more money this year? How about the next? With online courses you can finally start generating more income without breaking the bank and taking out thousands of dollars in loans. One study asking several students about their decision to study at home found 60% stating they finally had extra time on their hands to pursue their interests. Another 35% said they wanted to turn their hobby into something that can make them more money.

Studying Online Can Help You Connect With Others

A common fear many people have when studying online is the lack of face-to-face interaction. This can even be a dealbreaker for those that are eager to connect with other students. As it stands? Online lectures are just as valid as traditional classroom settings when it comes to giving you the benefits of being a student. Over 65% of respondents in a personal learning survey stated online learning helped them make new friends. Another 40% said online learning courses prompted them to get more involved in volunteer opportunities.

Saving Money Is Easier Studying Online

It’s not just tuition you have to worry about when becoming a student. You also have to worry about loans, lab fees and the omnipresent struggle of a daily commute. When you study online you can finally forgo some of these issues while still receiving a quality education that expands your horizons. The majority of online students enjoy their ability to better balance work, family and a social life as they take classes online at their own pace. One study, in particular, found a majority 85% of personal learners stating their activities helped them feel more well-rounded in their life.

More Jobs In The Future Will Require Extended Learning

What’s one last thing you should keep in mind before looking up a home study course? More jobs in the future are going to require extended education. Recent predictions found as many as 60% of jobs will require post-secondary education for applicants, which is even before we get into your personal earning potential. Taking a home study course or two this year will do wonders for helping you get back in the swing of studying while giving you opportunities to expand, whether it’s obtaining your first degree or supplementing a second degree with a certificate.

You want to go back to school…and you can. Your options have never looked better.

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