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So it is your senior year. You cannot wait to graduate and get out of this town for good. But what then? Are you just going to travel until you find a job that suits you and settle? This is not the 70s anymore. People cannot just go off on an indefinite road trip, as idyllic as it may seem. The economy will not allow it. You need a plan. And before you poo-poo the idea of going to college, consider your options and the consequences of not going to school.

  • The Value of a College Education
  • Nowadays, people are going to colleges for education not because they want a leg-up against the competition in the working world, but because they want to stay level with that competition. Everyone goes to college.

    A bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma. Even though it is so common, those who attend college still get paid more than those with nothing more than a high school education. Those who have just two years of college (that is an associate’s degree, not even a bachelor’s!) earn over $250,000 more over their lifetime than those who did not attend college.

  • Online Colleges for Education
  • Sometimes you can be all schooled out. Sometimes the last thing that you want to do after graduating high school is sit in another classroom. That is where online colleges for education come in. They make everything convenient enough that you can work virtually on your own schedule. As long as you hand things in on time, you can do your classwork at three in the morning if that is your best time. This is a great option if you want to start working at a job while doing school, because it makes it so easy to balance the two.

  • University Degrees Online
  • Do not shoot down the idea of online schooling immediately. Admittedly, 20 years ago, online education was something of a laughing stock. When it began, the “schools” were not reputable, not certified, and a lot of them turned out to be less than legitimate. But with the advancements in internet and computer technology, online education curricula, and the popularity of doing everything over the internet, online university degree programs are becoming just as viable and popular as standard schooling. And they are certainly more convenient.

Do not say no to college outright. Consider your options. Consider going to school online. You can get into a great learning program from an impressive school, and be well on your way to a career in no time at all. All thanks to the great online education system in place right now.

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