Hair loss is a common issue in the United States. Along with being common, it is an unfortunate issue. But it is fixable. Plenty of people are able to receive hair transplants and grow hair on their heads in places their body no longer wishes to grow it.

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But how does a hair transplant work?

Hair transplants are the process of micro-needling hair from parts of your scalp to places where it no longer grows. For men, it is more common. They will take a scalp strip of hair and gently pluck the hairs out individually of this strip. Once they have done that, they graft the singular hairs wherever the bald spot is growing. They repeat this process over and over, spreading out their choice of where they take the hair follicle from so they aren’t creating a new bald spot.

In order to make sure the graft stays, the follicle is removed from the bald spot before the new hair graft is placed. This ensures the old follicle does not push the unattached strand out of the scalp and doesn’t suddenly grow a new, thin hair strand that will push out the newly placed graft, before falling out shortly after.

When looking to fix your issue of hair loss, search “hair loss Los Angeles” or call your local hair transplant clinic to learn more.


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