Pa childcare

More and more corporations are adding a new and modern perk to their benefit lineup; an on site corporate daycare or employer sponsored childcare. Countries outside the U.S. were the first to create corporate childcare options for working parents. But in the early 1970s, childcare in the workplace began to pop up in the U.S. Today, more organizations are adopting this job benefit and some companies are even offering services for the elderly parents as well as the children of workers.

Offering an on site corporate childcare service is considered a very attractive perk to employees and potential hires. Likewise, many companies are quickly realizing that corporate childcare or pa daycare can be an important feature toward recruiting and retaining top talent. According to CNN Moneys 2012 list of Best Companies to Work For, nearly a third of those companies on the list offered corporate childcare to their employees. Several of those provided reduced rates to employees.

Most states require licensing and accreditation of these facilities. As such, the cost of staffing the pa childcare can be higher than in other places. For example, the price discrepancy of companies on CNN Moneys 2012 list of Best Companies to Work For was significant. Of the companies ranked, the ten lowest rates of one month of corporate childcare for a three year old ranged from $130 per month to $756 per month.

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