Getting an education these days can seem almost impossible.

It’s not just the price of admission you have to consider…it’s the commute. Once you have your mileage figured out you potentially have lab fees, extra coffees and additional equipment to factor in. That’s even before we get into the omnipresent fear of any student — what if you can’t even find a job once it’s all over? Today’s educational landscape is an unsteady one, which makes home study courses all the more appealing. Able to be done from the comfort of your own home (or any place that has a reliable internet connection), online learning is the way of the future.

If you’re new to the process, never fear. Here’s what you can expect to enjoy from taking on a few home study courses this year.

Advance Your Career

When your career is stagnating and you need more opportunities for advancement, home study courses can provide you the flexibility you’ve been missing. A recent study found around 45% of online students stating their biggest motivation to enroll was to better advance their current careers, whether it was obtaining a certification or just bolstering their knowledge. Even higher education students are seeing the benefits of online lectures, with 30% or so taking at least one of their classes online instead of in a classroom.

Reduce The Commute

The commute puts a major drain on your wallet and mental wellness. In fact, it can mean the difference between a good job and a terrible one. While home study courses might not entirely eliminate the need to drive back and forth for educational purposes, they can significantly reduce the need to get behind the wheel and save you money on gas. A report back in 2013 provided by the Babson Survey Research Group saw the number of students taking at least one home study course has surpassed six million.

Monetize A Hobby

Do you have a hobby you enjoy? This year might be the time you decide to monetize it and generate a little additional income. One study revealed nearly 40% of new home study learners stating they wanted to transform a hobby into a part-time job or freelance foundation, whether it was establishing an online shop or selling in-person. Home study courses are widely believed to be an inferior version of the traditional classroom setting, but the truth of the matter is that online learning gives everyone a level playing field to access.

Improve Your Learning

Everyone’s journey is a little bit different. IT home courses make sure that, no matter what you need or want, you’ll have the resources necessary to reach your goals. Contrary to popular belief home study courses are not more lonely than traditional classroom settings. Over 65% of new personal learners have stated their home study courses have opened up new perspectives about their lives as well as made them new friends. Some have even found more free time to spend with their family without the commute.

Make More Money

When you need to increase your income without spending thousands in expensive loans and gas mileage, studying at home is your meal ticket. Recent predictions have indicated over 60% of jobs by 2020 will require post-secondary education, meaning now has never been a better time to pick up a few online classes to start achieving your degree or supplement your already existing education. You can monetize a hobby, increase your existing income or just explore what truly matters to you without breaking your budget.

Are you ready to take control of your education? There’s an online learning experience waiting for you.

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