Refrigerators vary from model to model. There are usually four main factors of refrigeration operation that refrigeration repairs focus on. These include refrigeration, temperature control, defrost, and airflow.

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The first thing you need to know is what refrigeration your refrigerator has. This will determine the size of the compressor, how many coils it uses, and whether or not it can be used for both cooling and heating.

The next factor we have to consider is how well the temperature is controlled. Some fridges have thermostats built right into the door, while others have sensors throughout the fridge’s interior. In either case, these devices help regulate the temperature inside the fridge. Most fridges use some sort of automatic defrost system. This allows the freezer compartment to remain frost-free even if there isn’t any ice buildup. It does this by using an electric heater to melt the frost.

The final factor is the airflow. Many people think airflow is just about moving the cold air around. But, it actually plays a big role in keeping food fresh by removing heat. If the air doesn’t move, the cold air stays stagnant, and the food gets warm.

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