Are you looking for a fast and easy method of installing your shutters? In this video, we illustrate just how it’s done. Start by unpacking the shutters in a spacious place to avoid scratching them. If the piece is fully assembled as we have here, separate the frames from the panels to make the shutter installation easier.

For windows that are out of square like in this case, it’s advisable to have the shutters a little shorter.

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When setting the frame, place small boards at the bottom for a bit of lift. Fit the frame against the window casing and insert the installation screws. At this point, you can remove the small boards inserted earlier. The frame should be moved up and down slightly. Use a shim to make adjustments at the corners.

You can now reinsert the hinges and confirm that the shutter opens and closes smoothly. Check for square-ness again using folded paper as a feeler gauge. If the square-ness needs adjusting, you can sand down the shim. Finally, use the installation screws to secure the frame to the window casement. Again, confirm the top and bottom, and square for easy operation. There you have it. In just about 10 minutes, the shutter installation process is complete.

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