Immersive learning is a new concept for some people. In the YouTube video, this way of learning is defined as a method of learning done through experience, which results in a change of behavior and habit.

The method that is used to help with immersive learning is through games. The game demands that the people involved learn and adapt their techniques to achieve the goal or desired outcome.

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Immersive learning allows people to adapt what they developed from the game and adapt it to excel at the next opportunity. They take what they learn and apply the concepts to real-life experiences. Each scenario is designed to challenge the participant’s thinking and helps them adapt to change.

Immersive learning keeps a person attached to the scenario and helps them focus on what needs to be done. They essentially think through a problem until they reach a solution. The style of learning helps people make a connection in their lives which allows them to remember better and for more extended periods.


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