Before the medical billing accountant does your medical billing process, there is another process involving the physician who examines you and takes notes of your condition and the treatment to go with it. The YouTube video “Medical Billing Payment Process and Claim Cycle” details the steps involved in the medical bill process.

Next, through several diagnoses and CPT treatment codes, your diagnosis is documented on a superbill that’s sent to your insurance company. It is at this point that the medical billing accountant comes in.

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They take the superbill and generate a claim. A Medical Billing Accountant generates a claim through medical billing software that collects your insurance information. This claim is usually electronic and can be in paper form too.

Payment is received from the insurance company at this stage, and a Remittance Advice Statement is generated. The information from this Remittance Advice Statement is then inputted into the medical billing software by the medical billing accountant if there are co-pays and co-insurance. Also, if there are any payment issues, the medical billing accountant follows up on it and ensures the insurance company accepts the claim for the medical billing.


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