Have you ever wondered how to carry yourself while in a gun shop? Like every institution, it has its general code of conduct and expectations of etiquette. Even a little jest can turn into something serious. You can check out the video Gun Shop Don’ts to learn what is unacceptable. It offers some invaluable advice when hanging around a gun dealer.

While some things may seem obvious, some people don’t know how to carry themselves in a gun store.

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Here are a few things to remember. Don’t carry a loaded firearm. If you have a firearm, ensure it is bagged and kept out of sight. Guns tend to incite fear, and even if you have no ill intentions, many may misinterpret your actions and treat them as a threat.

A gun dealer should always hand you cleared guns. Never load a firearm while in the store. However, treat the firearms as if they were loaded. Handle them respectfully and never point them directly at anyone. Ask for permission before trying out the gun. Even if it’s a cleared gun, make everyone feel safe. If you are not legally allowed to purchase a firearm, don’t attempt to buy one. It would be a waste of time both for yourself and the dealers.

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