Quotes on education

Education quotes have been said by some of the world’s top historians, educators, entertainment industry icons, activists, writers and the like. These education quotes, rather fortunately, are largely available with quick web searches. But who actually becomes inspired by today’s quote on education, or on a quote that was said years ago but that still has relevance today? There are three main kinds of people who are largely influenced by and very profoundly impacted by any educational quote: teachers, students and parents.

First off, education quotes inspire teachers. Most teachers are not paid enough and need inspiration anywhere they can find it. Others get paid plenty but become more jaded to the whole teaching experience and therefore require a little push to get up and out of bed each day to get into their classrooms and teach their students. These education quotes usually give them the push they need to continue with their jobs, whether they are feeling the pinch from financial cutbacks or whether they have been in the education field too long and need more reasons to keep going with it. Some will put an education quote on their mirrors or at their desks, while others will carry them around with them in their wallets or pockets to serve as daily reminders of why they are teaching.

Secondly, education quotes inspire students. Students often are not conscious of why they are in school, other than the idea that they are being forced by their parents to attend classes and get good grades. But sometimes parental pushes actually push kids in the other direction, causing them to rebel and to start to resent school as a place to go each day of the week. Luckily, educational quotes posted on the walls of a classroom or of a school serve to remind most students of why they are there and of what they can do with their educations once they graduate.

Third, education quotes inspire parents. Some parents did not obtain good enough educations to get them into good jobs and career fields. Some, as a result, push their kids to succeed far more than they should, which sometimes results in the aforementioned push back. Sometimes these parents need to read some quotes on education to gain a little perspective and to better get why their kids are pushing back or why they may not want to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

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