Quote on education

Education is a controversial topic these days. With the government being so involved with public schooling everywhere in the country. Keeping in mind the foundation of education and its value, Is something that we can not put a price on. Researching Education quotes and the very highly educated and acclaimed people who wrote or said them, Is something you can do to better understand your stand point on the education system. These wise words are also something you can use to reference with your own educational experience or the experience of your children.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” This is a quote by Mark Twain. In todays world where the administrative aspect of schooling is such a big deal. This is an educational quote I personally have chosen to live by. Seeing as how I believe the experience of education is not all about schooling, Its rules, and procedures, The testing and facts that you “HAVE” to know to pass test. But the experiences gained throughout my schooling that have prepared me for life. This education quote speaks volumes about what is wrong with America today. The government is controlling schools to much. This is not allowing teachers to have an interactive experience with their students to provide them with problem solving techniques and invaluable knowledge.

Another one of my favorite education quotes is “Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” said by Walter Cronkite. In the realm of education quotes, This speaks volumes to the money spent and how its spend as far as public schooling goes. To much money is going to the wrong places. Programs that don’t work, Things schools don’t need. In opposition to creating a comfortable learning environment for our children, And paying our teachers that put on a balancing act between administrative duties, Trying to improve their test scores, and actually teaching their students. Education quotes are also educational quotes.

With those being a couple of my favorite education quotes, Research your own quotes on education. Sift through find education quotes that pertain to your life and take a stand point. As adults, Especially ones that finally made it out of schooling we have a tendency to forget its importance for future generations. The good and bad experiences weve had and how we can change things for the better. Many highly educated people have made valuable education quotes that pertain to everyone. A quote on education from someone that you revere or respect can be something you take with you throughout your life. Seeing as how life itself, Is a learning experience.

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