Compared to other careers, a day on the job of an orthopedic surgeon follows a completely different routine. Those working in orthopedic surgery and other medical professionals keep a demanding schedule to ensure their patients receive vital care for their health.

After arriving at their medical facility, an orthopedic surgeon first needs to change into a set of clean scrubs, typically around 7:00am.

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Before surgery can begin at 8:00am, they need to have a pre-operation meeting with the patient to mark the surgical site and go over x-rays and any other information relevant to the procedure. They’ll also check their surgical kit to make sure they have all the equipment they’ll need. Before they can operate, nurses perform pre-surgical cuts and anesthesiologists prepare the patient. This can sometimes take longer than the surgery itself. Finally, the surgeon can operate.

After the surgery is complete, it’s important that the surgeon take a break to recharge. On a typical day, a surgeon can perform up to ten procedures, so resting is key. On top of this, many surgeons also serve as instructors to medical students completing their residencies, meaning they have educational responsibilities as well.

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