The school curriculum perpetuates racial bias. The video shows how this has continued in schools across the country over decades. Ingrained in the curriculum is the convoluted history of the United States designed to highlight the achievements of white folks. As a result, students have a lopsided view of races, further perpetuating racial bias, consciously or subconsciously.

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One of the main ways in which schools can cause racial bias is insufficient time allocated to the study of the history of other races. For instance, the curriculum has dedicated just a single month to black history-centered teaching. Even then, the lessons do not delve into the deeper issues, such as the truth of slavery or the civil rights movement. Therefore, students receive only a small portion of black history education. This is a stark contrast to the amount of white history taught in classrooms.

Second, curriculum materials also perpetuate racial bias in schools. Most of the study materials students have access to do not offer a clear or accurate view of the history and circumstances of black people. With knowledge and information at young people’s fingertips, racial bias in the curriculum is evident to students now more than ever. Many students, teachers, and the general population are seeking ways to curb racial imbalances in the curriculum. .

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