If you’re installing a new fence or replacing an old one, it’s important you consult your fence contractor who can help you find the best solution for your needs. There are several key questions you will want to ask the contractor during when you meet.

1.Ask for a list of references you can contact and get feedback about the contractor professionalism and workmanship. This will help you determine the quality to expect and how it’s going to look years to come.

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2. Ask for a copy of their workman’s compensation insurance to make sure employees working on your property as covered should they get hurt.

3.Timelines: Get to know the project deadline and how long they think fence installation is going to take. You wouldn’t appreciate people working on your yard for weeks without any notable progress.

4.Payment and Terms of Payment You need to understand the terms of payment with your contractor. When are you expected to pay, the total cost incurred and your deposit options.

5.Are the employees sub-contractors? Why? A sub-contractor works under a contractor and most fence building companies use this options to either cut the cost or handle multiple projects once. Subcontractors may not be insured and may not even ensure quality on the job due to the need to hurry and catch the next project.

Starting with these five questions should make you more comfortable when comparing quotes from different fence building companies.


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