In this video, you will learn how to enroll in private school. The difference between public and private schools is large on many scales. Some people prefer one over the other. There are key differences. The only way to determine which is the best fit is if you learn about them.

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Getting by without a lot to defend your intelligence used to be harder. The first education in your life is important. Does it matter where you go to school? Public schools are defined by schools run by the government. Private schools as Americans know them are schools that are privately funded. In the USA, there are 33k private schools in USA. They are home to almost 10% of students in the US. 79% of these private schools have a religious affiliation. These schools are primarily white by demographics. Most of these students will stay in private schools from pre-k to senior year of high school. The main difference between private and public schools is demographics. Public schools are more diverse than private schools. Private schools are very expensive. The average private school costs 13k a year on average. Some private schools can be as expensive as 50k per year.

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