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In this video, you will learn about catholic educations. There is a lot of controversy around the difference between public and private school educations. This video goes through a little bit of those differences. 99% of Catholic school students graduate from high school.

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Over 90% of catholic school students attend college. There are a lot of unique benefits of Catholic school education. Bridging faith with education is an especially important aspect of growing. Catholic schools face difficulties with revenue. Since the school is completely funded by the church and the families, it is hard to meet ends meet. Helping schools to find diverse funding streams is important. To effectively provide for diverse students is hard. There are students who speak languages other than English, immigrants, and children who have a low socio-economical status. It is important that children understand how religion can be tied into education. When we feed the intellectual side, religion can be streamlined into that. People miss out on educating their children in the religion. We don’t want to wait for the children to be past the questioning age to learn religion. You want to stimulate the children to embrace the religion.

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