Custom essays

The demand for writing skills is increasing. Not only do traditional requirements such as effective and professional business communication warrant good writing, but the digital age has transformed the way we interact with teachers, peers, potential employers, clients, etc. The abbreviated written word (via email, the internet, or social media) often serves as the first and primary source of contact, and people in any career need to be able to write well.

Writing, particularly process and academic writing, is a circular, lengthy, and difficult task that requires brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and rewriting. Whether you are a business owner or a college student, if writing is not your forte, there is most likely an essay writing service that provides custom essays that you can buy essays online.

An online essay writing service provides professional writing services with a no plagiarism guarantee. An essay writing service employs professional writers who can regurgitate material based on your specifications. The services may not fit into a college students budget, however. Prices for an essay writing service depend on several factors such as content, the type of paper you need (book review, thesis, or case study), level (high school all the way up to PhD), and deadline (the shorter, the pricier). Prices typically start around $10 per page, however, according to one essay writing service website, a 40 page masters thesis due in one week will cost you closer to $900.

The irony is that people spend tens of thousands of dollars on obtaining a degree (and the preparation that comes with that education), which seems counter intuitive to an essay writing service. Essentially, an essay writing service is a method of cheating. Therefore, is enlisting the help of an essay writing service ethical? That is debatable. Only you have to live with your conscience.

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