There are a lot of things that kids need to learn in elementary school, and one that has often been neglected is support for the mental health of those students. This can be taught to kids to help them handle their emotions better for improved mental health. One of the techniques that are easy for students to learn is to focus on slow, deep breathing.

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This can help to release stress and make kids feel better. Counting backward from 10 is another helpful technique for handling emotions. This can help kids in a wide range of circumstances.


Another way that schools can help kids to feel better is to teach them to think about happy things. Having happy thoughts can turn a child’s mood around rapidly and get them into a better state of mental health so that they are better positioned to learn. Having a child listen to music or push on a wall are other techniques that can help them to relieve stress and get into a better mindset. Teachers can also redirect a child’s energies by having them read a book for a while. This can help them to calm down and to leave their bad mood behind.

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