If you’re having your child learn from home this year, you may be wondering how you can properly prepare to give them the best educational experience for the upcoming school year. Below you’ll find some of the best ways to help your child whether they’re in an international school, a private school, or another educational setting.

Create a Designated “Classroom” Area

One struggle that many students have when they’re learning from home is differentiating their learning environment from their usual living environment. That’s why establishing a specific spot for your child can be so helpful. In your student’s classroom area, make sure that all of their school supplies are easily accessible and there’s a computer with a camera for any virtual synchronous sessions.

Stick to a Schedule

Although one of the bonuses of virtual learning is that your child has more flexibility in their day, it’s a good idea to create a routine and schedule for a typical day. For example, if your child attends an international school and has language lessons every day at 11 in the morning, you can build a schedule around that. Maybe you start with a walk at a typical school start time, like eight o’clock, then have your child do independent studying and work until 11, then have a lunch break after their lesson. This will allow your child to get used to their daily routine while still allowing for daily changes and flexibility.

Talk With Everyone Who Watches Your Child

Consistency is key when it comes to online learning, so if you’re a parent of the one-third of kids that is cared for by a nonrelative on a regular basis, make sure you communicate your child’s schedule and needs. A babysitter, nanny, or other childcare providers should be aware of your child’s schedule and other rules for during the school day for your child.

Be Ready to Adapt

The best schools for your children will make sure that your child is learning what they need to in order to succeed. However, as we learn more about what works for virtual learning, it’s possible that things will change. Make sure that you’re creating structure while still allowing for small changes that come with learning about your child’s needs. This will help your child get the best possible education.

Virtual school for your child, whether it’s a private international school or not, can be extremely beneficial for your child’s growth and development. Take these tips into consideration and you can have a wonderful online school year with your child this year!

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