In this video, you will learn why the US bail system and using a bail bond company do not work. It also highlights the possible solutions that some states have adopted. The video begins with a surprising statistic that since 1999, the number of convicted inmates has stayed constant while the number of non-convicted suspects has risen to a high of 480,000 people.

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The main reason so many non-convicted people are in jail is that they cannot afford cash bail. In fact, in Philadelphia, the average number of days that people stay in jail awaiting their trial was 28 days, and this was for cash bail amounts of less than $2000. Unfortunately, many non-convicted people likely plead guilty and stay in jail instead of waiting longer for an unknown trial date.

Additionally, cash bail averaged $10,000 for felony defendants, and only 14% of New York residents could pay their bail at their initial hearing. These low payment rates of bail also mean that most people cannot afford to pay back a bail bond company.
Is a cashless bail system possible? Some courts, like in California, are starting to eliminate cash bail. Watch this video to learn what solutions have come up and how well they are working.

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