This video highlights The Discovery School in Jackson Beach, Florida. This Montessori School has over 150 students from 18 months to middle school. This video shows a day in the life of the kindergarten school. Students arrive between 8:30 am, and 8:45 am.

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They then start the morning work cycle. The primary program has half-day and full-day options.

The video shows Elizabeth Colvecchio, a Primary Lead Teacher and Primary Montessori Coordinator, who states this program is designed to nurture the whole child. Most of the students aged four and five are engaged in language and math. They work individually, in groups, or with their teachers. The video shows children moving through activities. Students visit the music studio and library weekly. Circle time is a chance for all the children to sit down with the teacher to welcome each other and sing songs.

All students start their day with practical life activities which help develop fine motor skills, focus, and concentration. Jennifer Caceres, a Primary Lead Teacher, talks about the Baccalaureate program.

This school provides a framework to prepare students for the next level. It is interwoven throughout the learning of the entire day. Consider Montessori schools as you discover different options for kindergarten.

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