If you are working with a personal injury lawyer or attorney, you should consider some things to know before making a commitment and hiring. If you are choosing someone to consult with, you may want to ask them about the fees included with the service. There may be a percentage of the lawsuit that is paid out to your attorney, and this is normally called a contingency fee.

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If the lawsuit is filed, this fee may go up, and the client may be responsible for costs from the settlement. This money does not have to be paid upfront by the person using the attorney and will be taken out at a later time. You may want to ask your potential attorney if your case will likely go to trial, because it may be settled in court or with the insurance company. You should ask your lawyer what your responsibility is in this process, and if an injury occurred, you should be following up on that injury actively. Getting proper treatment and medical attention from your doctor is an important key to having a positive outcome for your case.


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