If you have children who struggle with math, you may want to look into the structure of a math curriculum. This will vary from school to school, but the basic theory on constructing a curriculum remains the same. Here are some things to know about how a math curriculum is structured that could help your child.

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The purpose of a designed curriculum is to give students a path for success. This means that the curriculum should be structured in a logical way. One task leads to the next and so on. This way, the student is working up towards more difficult problems and equations in a math class.

Some schools structure themselves differently. This video discusses how Montessori schools design their math classes. For young students, this involves using tools and props to help students visually identify fractions. This might be different in a public school where the requirements for classes are more traditional.

If you have concerns about your child’s performance, talk to their teacher. The teacher can give you the curriculum if you are nervous about your child’s progression. You can take that home and use it to work with your child through homework. Everyone wants to support the child, so use all the information at your disposal.


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