Employer driven education

If you’re thinking of what industry you should go into for a career, you might want to think about medical assisting. This job is one that can sometimes be overlooked, but it is super important to the medical industry and can provide an interesting job and steady salary. Being a medical office administrator means working with a physician in outpatient and ambulatory care facilities. This field is growing at a quick rate and more jobs are opening up which means you won’t have to be searching for long! If you’re thinking about what field you want to go into, here are five reasons why you should consider being a medical office adminstrator.

They are in high demand

One of the biggest factors when choosing what job you want to go into is the ease of knowing that you can actually get hired once you are done with getting an education in that field. Some fields are incredibly competitive and hard to come by, but medical assistants, whether they are providing administrative or clinical duties, are in high demand. There is a rise in the need for these positions, which means you can rest assured knowing you have a good chance of getting a job after school. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipated a 15 percent jump in demand for medical billing and coding specialists from 2014 to 2024.

They perform a variety of duties

Medical assisting can are trained to do both admin work and clinical duties. These can be anything from answering phones, working with different kinds of software, greeting patients, making appointments, drawing blood, performing lab tests, and preparing patients for their exams.

You can go to a technical school for training

You might be wondering about the education needed to become a medical assistant. In order to become a medical office adminstrator, you need a high school diploma or equivalent, and then you can enroll into a technical school that offers a medical assistant training program. You many have never considered going to a trade school or vocational school, but this can actually be a really great decision! You can get a certification in just a few months time and begin your career. About 60 percent of all medical assistants work in doctors’ offices according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You can provide for yourself and your family

The salary for a medical office adminstrator is about $50,000 which is a good amount of money in order to help you live comfortably or care for your family. The amount of money you can make in a field is another big factor for consideration when it comes to choosing a career path, and this is one job that can really help you provide. A trade school degree costs about $33,000 on average, whereas as BS costs an average of $127,000. This means you save thousands and get into the workforce quicker!

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