Encouragement during difficult times

Photographs and words can serve us well and, sometimes, pull us out of the gutter. Finding faith and inspiration through poetry, writings, photographs, and any other medium is common enough that there are websites, books, and even college level courses designed around the notion that finding God in your life can happen at any point as a result of anything. If you are interested in or are having trouble finding faith in God, open up a book about finding faith and let your mind, body, and spirit wander.

Depending on how much encouragement during difficult times a person receives, finding faith could be the direct result of somebody simply taking the time out of their own day to show some compassion. It is important for the discouraged to also keep their mind and eyes open to new things, new experiences, and new challenges. One thing to remember during these times is that finding faith may not always mean the person in search of faith or God is in a desolate situation.

Uplifting poetry is another strong asset to have on the quest in finding faith. Reading what others feel, believe, and write about faith, god, and the spiritual aspects of life can have an intoxicating affect on us. That intoxication is the release of the thought you have not found faith. For example, the hairs that stand up on your neck after reading an inspirational poem or hearing a motivational speech is the reaction the body has as a result of allowing the mind to find faith, so to speak, and let go of the preconceived notion that faith does not exist.

Finding faith is easy if you are willing to stop thinking you have to find it. Faith will find you if you want it to. Who knows? It might be right inside that book with the ugly cover.

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