Perhaps, you’re meeting your realtor. Of course, you’re going to ask him questions. However, are you prepared about what to ask?

In this blog, you will learn what questions you should be asking the local real estate agents when you interview them for a job.

1. Are You Working Full-time or Part-time?

You should be certain about the answer to this.

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That way, you will see if they will be there when you need to conduct meetings. It would help if you looked out for your realtors so that you can have their full attention.

2. Are You a Good Communicator?

There are a lot of local real estate agents that are not too good at communicating. You should know if they can respond to your calls and texts.

3. Why Should I Hire You?

This can be a common question in a lot of job interviews. But this is a good indication of getting to know the mindsets of local real estate agents.

4. How Do You Handle Negotiations?

Local real estate agents can handle the negotiating part of the work. They should know how to negotiate the initial offers, inspections, and appraisals.

5. What is Your Main Source of Clientele?

This is to know what is their primary focus in life as a realtor. That way, you will know what kind of business they work for.

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