Spanish storybook set

The United States is unique in a lot of ways. For most of the world, teaching children to speak a second language is second nature. It has been reported that at least two thirds of the children on the planet are bilingual, according to the Summer Institute of Linguistics. The United States lags behind. While preschool Spanish lessons are readily available, only 17% of the American population speaks a second language beyond English.

Experts have known for years that young children pick up on languages a lot easier and faster than older children, adolescents and adults. Not only has it been proven that younger children, if you can start your child learning Spanish before the age of five it works best, can learn a second language more quickly but it also has been proven that when a child learns a second language, they have a much easier time learning a third. As a consequence to this data, there are a number of preschool Spanish lessons around the country to help parents get their children started learning this language. Here are some reasons getting your child into a Spanish for preschoolers program can be s helpful.

  1. You will increase their employment and earnings potential. While these benefits are a long way removed from the preschool Spanish lessons stage, they are great benefits to learning this language. Being able to speak a language like Spanish will open a lot of employment doors when your child has grown up. More and more, being fluent in Spanish is something that is helpful in finding a job. It also has been shown that people who are bilingual earn more in their jobs. They can bring in up tp 20% more than their colleagues who speak only one language. By starting them early, you can help them a lot.
  2. They will be able to communicate with more people. It has been shown to be the second most spoken language on earth. It boasts 387 million native speakers. It is the official language in 21 countries. While it is considered to be the second most spoken language, there are actually more people around the world who speak Spanish than who speak English. This means if your child has started learning Spanish with preschool Spanish lessons, they will be able to communicate with a larger number of people.
  3. Learning a new language builds language skills. In early childhood, from the age of zero to three, the brain of a child grows and builds more connections that during the rest of their lives. Preschool Spanish lessons are so valuable because they take advantage of the elasticity of the brains of young children. The language skills they learn will not just be in being able to speak a new language but will make them better communicators. That can only be a big benefit to them in every aspect of their lives.
  4. Their English will be better. English and Spanish have similar roots. A lot of both languages comes from Latin. When you include Spanish curriculum lessons for preschool in their education, you can help them develop a better understanding of their native tongue and become a better writer and speaker of English. The value this will have when they do start job searching cannot be overstated. Far too many people in the United States are terrible writers and it hurts them when they look for work.
  5. It will help them academically. The language Spanish is the second most spoken language on the planet and the second most taught in the United States. If you look at advanced placement tests, you will see Spanish as a subject. If you look at the SAT II, you will see the same thing. Children who start learning it with preschool Spanish lessons will be able to do better in these two areas and get into better colleges when the time for that arrives. By helping your child with English, in that way they will get a leg up on some other academic career.

It is hard to look at your preschool age child and think of them applying for college or a job but it will happen eventually. By helping your child learn Spanish, you will really help them for life.

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