Most people with difficulties with learning and understanding usually have a disorder called dyslexia. There are various alternatives to support people suffering from the condition, and they include dyslexia tutoring and dyslexia therapy. There are differences between dyslexia tutoring and therapy, and it’s best to understand each option before choosing the best fit for your loved ones. Dyslexia tutoring service is a common option and involves various teaching forms. Tutoring requires the use of computer programs that can help a student enhance their spelling and reading.

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Dyslexia tutoring can be offered by an accredited teacher or a specialist in general education. The tutoring sessions are based on academic requirements and revision of the previously taught units. Simple training is also offered to parents willing to administer the programs to their kids with dyslexia at home without hiring a dyslexia tutoring service.

Dyslexia therapy can only be taught by a certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT). A CALT provides high accuracy and knowledge to students with disorders, including dyslexia. They guide your child through a multi-sensitive program of both reading and spelling. The CALTs ensure that they access the written code in the child’s brain to recreate new pathways that can access the written code and become professional readers. Before becoming a CALT, you must have a master’s degree and two more years of extra training through accredited training centers.


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