You have signed the lease to your first apartment, which means you have the basics of how to rent an apartment in college mastered. You are ready to officially begin life as an adult. You cannot wait to have parties and engage in other activities that you can never do in your parents’ house. This is your place and you create the rules.

Are you truly ready for everything that an apartment encompasses, though? What happens if you have an infestation of pests and cannot afford professional pest control services? Do you have the tools needed to make basic repairs without calling your parents for help?

Consider this checklist when thinking of taking the aspect of how to rent an apartment in college to the next level!

Mattress and Bedding

The mattress that you have in a dorm room is provided by the school. You are completely on your own when you move into an apartment.

The best mattresses can be quite expensive. You may find yourself staring at a bill for more than $1,000 if you try to purchase a memory foam mattress like your parents. Mattress prices also depend on size. You may not have to pay as much if you choose a twin-sized bed instead of a California King bed.

It is best to search for a mattress sale when shopping on a budget. Many small businesses that specialize in bedding are willing to give significant discounts for both bed frames and mattresses. Some even have loan programs that let you pay back the cost of the mattress you choose without additional interest.

Of course, you cannot buy a mattress without also looking into bedding. Many college students opt for solid colors when purchasing comforters and sheets for their beds. There is, however, no specific rule that says you cannot purchase bedding that promotes your passion to become a Goldendoodle breeder in the near future. You can even buy bedding with a sports team lanyard as the focal point to bolster your passion for athletics.

Finding bedding on sale is often a matter of shopping around. Do not be so quick to purchase the first “bed in a bag” set you see. Instead, go to at least two or three other stores in the area to see if you can get the same product at a lower price.

Other Bedroom Furniture

A bed is probably not the only thing you will need in your apartment’s bedroom. This notion is especially true if you have several roommates. One aspect of how to rent an apartment in college is having enough money to pay the monthly rent. You may need to take in several paying tenants to cover the cost of shelter, which means your privacy may be limited to your side of the room.

A desk is essential to your life as a college student. You cannot get much studying accomplished in business law and how to provide your future clients with tax help if you do not have an established study area in your home.

Purchasing the most expensive desk may not be an option when you are a college student who is on a budget. Remember that you also need a chair to go with the desk and will likely need an accompanying bookcase as well as a file cabinet to help you stay organized as a student.

Shopping at the right time of year is the best way to get additional bedroom furniture, such as desks and desk chairs, at discounted rates. Several mainstream stores offer steep discounts for these items as a way to earn the business of young adults just before the fall semester of school begins.

It may be a good idea to start searching for a desk and accompanying chair with a bookcase in July to score deals among popular retailers. You may even save enough to purchase an additional futon chair, which can serve as a reading section on your side of the room.

Bathroom Towels and Essentials

Anyone who teaches you how to rent an apartment in college will advise you to never neglect the bathroom. The restroom, unlike the bedroom, is not an empty space. You automatically have a toilet, sink, and shower as part of the apartment’s makeup. A toilet and shower present do not mean “ready-made,” though.

You need to search for bathroom towels that are affordable along with other bathroom essentials that you cannot go without when you are trying to figure out how to rent an apartment in college. Wash cloths are different from face towels, though you may be able to get away with using thinner towels for your face if you create a theme of minimalism.

You may also consider investing in storage space that holds toilet paper as well as your beauty essentials. You should buy a toilet paper holder even if you do not purchase a storage system for your bathroom that accommodates all of your facial cleansers and body washes. There is little worse than running out of toilet paper while using the restroom and not having an extra roll to replenish what has depleted.

Extra storage space in your bathroom is helpful, though, if you take medications or have Invisalign. An organized restroom can help you wash up quickly, so the next person in the house can start their daily routine.

Kitchen Must-Haves

Financial planners and nightstand upon which to place your stackable bracelet are great for the bedroom. The kitchen of your apartment has a different vibe, which deserves its own shine.

One of the primary things you understand when learning how to rent an apartment in college is the importance of being self-sufficient. You may not always have the ability to dine out because of finances. It also may not be possible for your parents to give you an allowance for ready-made meals that only require five minutes in the microwave.

You, therefore, want to take full advantage of your kitchen when learning how to rent an apartment in college. Those with efficiency apartments may be limited to the number of pots and pans they can have because of issues with storage. Still, you can stock up on high-quality cookware that will last beyond your college years.

Some choose the economic path when purchasing cookware for their first apartment. A pot, after all, will do its job regardless of the manufacturer. It is certainly true that the basic function of a pot, pan, or skillet is the same across all brands. Buying quality products from the start, however, can save you money in the long run.

A pan that costs you $5 may not last as long as cookware that costs $50. There is also the issue of cooking temperatures as the $5 pan may not be able to consistently deliver delicious food because of the cheaper quality.

Of course, you can always purchase cookware at cheaper prices if you are in a financial bind. It may, however, be better to cut corners in the area of plates, utensils, and cups if you are trying to master how to rent an apartment in college while saving money.

The likelihood of you upgrading your utensils in the next year is relatively high. It, therefore, makes sense for you to spend the least amount of money on these kitchen essentials. You want your pots, pans, and skillets to last as long as possible, though.

The Living Room

The living area is another space that requires analytical skills when you are learning how to rent an apartment in college while on a budget. It may be tempting to spend thousands on furniture via your credit cards. You, after all, need to have a place to sit after a long day or work or classes. You should, however, count up all the costs before spending too much money on living room furniture.

The likelihood of you growing tired of the sofa you purchased in college after graduating from your undergraduate program is high. Many young adults find love interests in college that lead to marriage after graduation. Your spouse may have a different idea for living altogether that does not include residing in your college apartment.

Consider, then, buying the bare minimum in living room furniture for your college apartment. A futon and accompanying stand is often all you need to make a space welcoming. Some young adults embrace minimalism to the fullest by purchasing throw rugs and using them for seating. You, of course, do not have to go to such an extreme measure unless you desire to follow such a path of simplicity in life.

Lighting Throughout

Lighting is not an option when you are trying to figure out how to rent an apartment in college. You need to factor in everything from light bulbs to lamps when budgeting for your new place.

It is not necessary to purchase the most expensive lighting when you are budgeting for your college apartment. In many instances, there will be a man light in the kitchen area and kitchen that eliminates the need for additional illumination. You may need to think creatively when shopping for lighting for your bedroom and living area while on a budget.

A good lamp with a fluorescent light bulb is often all you need to establish your bedroom and living area as a keen space for studying. Some battery-operated lighting may be ideal for those who love to cook and require a bit more illumination than the standard lighting in a kitchen apartment provides.

Cleaning Products And Other Maintenance Necessities

Professional pest control services are often out of the question when you are a young adult trying to learn how to navigate your new life of independence. Your budget may only allow for pest control spray, which means that you are the exterminator.

In many cases, maintaining a clean living space is the key to reducing the likelihood of an infestation of bugs. Having the right cleaning products can help you keep your apartment fresh.

Cleaning wipes are a favorite among young adults because of the convenience attached to them. You can easily wipe down surfaces and windows with one wipe instead of boiling water and mixing solutions that may be harmful to your health in the end.

There are, of course, other solutions for those who do not want to spend extra money on cleaning wipes. Mild cleaning agents mix with warm water rather easily and do not come with the toxic effects that often accompany bleach and ammonia.

Some college students invest in vacuum robots that automatically sweep through the apartment to provide a clean floor. You do not have to spend upwards of $200 on this gadget, however, if you are willing to take time to vacuum or sweep in the morning or at night.

Technology Essentials

Technology is an important part of the college experience and, as such, should be a factor in your plans to have the ideal apartment. You do not necessarily need to worry about video surveillance installation services if you live in a building that is maintained by a landlord. You should, however, consider other technology sources for your living space.

Extension cords with ‘power save’ capabilities increase the level of safety and may save on your electric bill. You also need to consider whether a television set is necessary for your college apartment.

You, as a student, will have many responsibilities on your journey to establishing a successful career. There will be limited time to watch television. In many cases, you may want to take time away from studying to catch a movie or sitcom on your computer. A television, then, maybe a waste of money in your new apartment.

College is a fun time for many young adults. There is little more exciting than signing the lease to your first apartment. Consider these tips when thinking of things you might need after renting your first college apartment.

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